A spherical photo of a concrete jungle including cranes on an active construction site

7 Ways 360° Reality Capture Simplifies AEC Processes

Jan 17, 2023 | Construction, HoloBuilder, Infographic, Progress Tracking

Improve efficiency, communication and safety at your jobsite.

Some of the biggest construction firms have already made the switch to 360o reality capture technology. Combining a 360° camera, mobile app, and collaborative web platform, it offers a simple, inexpensive, and more effective way to document and manage construction progress.

Improve Communication

With hundreds of people involved in most construction projects, simple and effective communication is crucial – but using a smartphone or 2D camera to track progress can make that hard. With a cloud-based 360ºdigital progress record, everyone involved has remote access to the same views of the site.

Increase Accuracy

Manually verifying standard digital images against your BIM models isn’t very intuitive. Instead, compare 360° photos and BIM model renderings side-by-side for easy viewing.

Simplify Photo Management

Accessing and organizing standard digital photos to document jobsites can be time-consuming and cumbersome. 360ºphotos, on the other hand, capture more detail, and with the right tool, can be automatically time- and location-stamped on the floor plan.

Reduce On-Site Safety Risks

A 360º view of the jobsite makes it easier to spot access issues and potential risks, so the right safety precautions can be put into place. Having documentation of the safety practices can also reduce your insurance premiums and reassure investors.

Catch and Fix Errors Early

Easily review installs remotely to detect mistakes before the drywall goes up to minimize expensive and time-consuming rework.

Differentiate Your Services

Showcase your project management expertise and stand out against competitors. Use 360° photos to demonstrate the abilities of your contractors and clearly outline the stages of construction, so clients know they can expect clear, consistent updates on project progress.

Build an Internal Knowledge Base

With a Construction Progress Management platform, it’s easier to store and organize project data, so you can reference old projects when necessary. Access to that data can also be useful for training new employees.

Improve efficiency, communication and safety at your jobsite.

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