Changing the Way You View Progress

HoloBuilder has been pioneering the space of Construction Progress Management in 360° since 2015 and will be here to lead you towards the future.

FARO Sphere XG shown on laptop

Market Leaders For a Reason

Innovation leaders, BIM managers and VDC managers have to make sure that the technology that they bet on is future proof. The best way to predict the future is to look at the past, here’s the highlights that we have introduced to the industry year after year.

Unite All Reality Capture Data in FARO Sphere® XG ​

In 2024, we added the import of 3D models into Sphere XG – an enhanced Digital Reality platform that unites 3D/BIM model, point cloud and 360° photo data, enables seamless real-time collaboration, and removes data silos through a unified environment.

HoloBuilder 3D Model


Seamlessly Access and Share Point Cloud Data ​

Point Cloud Management unites 3D point clouds and 360° photos in a single platform, removing data silos and enabling faster analysis. The TimeTravel functionality enables you to upload multiple point clouds to compare them side-by-side across time with high accuracy. ​

point clouds


The Full Spectrum of Site Capture Methods ​

With the addition of VideoMode Beta to the JobWalk app in October 2022, we provide the broadest spectrum of capture methods. Fast and seamless, VideoMode documents the site as quickly as you walk, automatically organizing 360° photo captures on your floor plan.


GPS Enabled Capture for Linear Outdoor Projects

With GPS Enabled Floor Plans we revolutionized the way you capture outdoor projects in 2021. Geo reference any floor plan and unlock a faster, easier, and more precise capture experience for your teams in the field.


Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Integration

In 2020, we rolled out SpotWalk, the first-of-its-kind integration with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot that allows for autonomous 360° photo capture of construction sites, to several thought-leading customers around the globe.


SpeedMode AR-powered, 360° Photo Capture

Fast, easy & incredibly accurate, the SpeedMode technology that we introduced in 2019 tracks where you walk and capture meaningful locations to create structured progress updates. Don’t just capture everything, capture with purpose.


Plan vs Actual Comparison

Actionable insights is what we are building towards. In 2018, we championed the idea of allowing design teams to get a better understanding of spaces they design for, with the first ever 360 to BIM model viewer.


Autodesk® BIM 360™ Docs and Field Management Next-Gen Integration

From the beginning, we knew that no construction tech company should work in a silo. We have opened our APIs to dozens of customers since the first BIM360 Next Gen integration ever made back in 2017.


JobWalk Mobile 360° Capture App

Introducing the JobWalk app in 2016 changed the way the construction industry captures progress forever. Connected to a standard 360° camera, the mobile app for iOS and Android enabled field teams to capture and organize 360° photos with the tap of a button.


Ricoh Theta Innovation Award

Having been the first technology provider to make use of the Ricoh Theta cameras for enterprise applications, Ricoh awarded bitstars (HoloBuilder’s R&D subsidiary) the grand prize at the Ricoh International Developer Contest in 2015.


What’s Next?

HoloBuilder’s data is structured on selected locations around the jobsite. We make use of this structured data to detect progress that happened from one moment in time to the next, relying on machine vision and artificial intelligence.

Sphere Viewer

The Sphere Viewer is a 4D data viewer that can visualize all data that is saved within Sphere: Point Clouds uploaded from all FARO Scanners, Point Clouds in agnostic file formats, Mesh, and 360° Photos and Videos – all organized in the same coordinate system on 2D Sheets (floor plans) over time.​​


ProgressAI leverages HoloBuilder’s computer vision engine to detect and report on-site progress within the captured 360° photos and videos. It then compares the detected installed materials with the site’s floor plan to create a percent complete report for project teams. 

Project-wide Face Blurring

Project-wide detection and blurring of personnel’s faces enables you to stay compliant with CCPA or GDPR standards. Make sure your team is always protected.

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning

Based on state of the art machine vision and a trained neural network, HoloBuilder’s SiteAI can detect and report on dozens of materials found around the jobsite.

devices security

Keeping Your Privacy Top Priority

devices security

HoloBuilder has been built around security and compliance. We have taken the world’s toughest standards and worked back from there—that’s why many leading construction companies trust us with their data, after deep review of our data security and privacy processes.

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