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Keys to the Future: Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2024

Mar 3, 2024 | Architecture, Article, Construction, Engineering

This year’s Women in Construction Week (March 3-March 9), aptly themed “Keys to the Future,” celebrates and acknowledges the importance and significance of women in the construction industry.

Braving stereotypes within a male-dominated industry, trailblazing women in construction are quickly establishing themselves as vital partners in achieving successful projects and firms. This year, FARO speaks to the women on our teams as we highlight how they made the leap into a male-dominated industry–and how they’re thriving. We briefly explore how these leading women landed roles in the construction firms, what appeals to them the most about the industry, and address common misconceptions about the involvement of women in construction. Read their inspiring stories below. 

Mariapaola Turchi, Business Assistant, FARO, Italy

women in construction at FARO

Why did you choose to join the AEC industry?

This year marks exactly 20 years since I crossed the threshold of the Faculty of Construction Engineering. It’s hard to say what prompted me to make that choice. I could say that I used to play with LEGO bricks as a child, or that math was my favorite subject, or because, traveling a lot, I have always been fascinated by buildings. Who knows which of these factors was the decider. 

I can certainly say that, twenty years later, crossing that threshold was one of the best choices I could have made! I’ve met some amazing people, realized that perseverance is key, and learned to accept failure. It has been a great training ground for life—if I had to choose a quote that most represents the journey I took back in 2004 I would use, “Train hard, fight easy.” 

What is your favorite part about the industry/your job?

Perhaps the fact that very often people do not expect you to be an engineer. We’ve made a lot of progress, but the construction world is still dense with stereotypes, and in a room full of male engineers they’ll think you’re the secretary.

So, I strongly believe that the earlier women come into this world, the more the differences are going to taper off. Mine is not just meant to be advice for young women, but a request aimed at men to work together to make the construction world more inclusive.

Laura Mattioli, Account Manager, FARO, Italy

FARO scanner in the field, GeoSLAM ZEB horizon LiDAR scanner

Why did you choose to join the AEC industry?

I graduated in Architecture, and I’ve always had the passion for technologies applied to cultural heritage. A post-graduate internship at the National Research Council of Italy allowed me to get in touch with the FARO laser scanner technology and use it in architectural and archaeological contexts in Italy and abroad. Since that moment the magic began.

What is your favorite part about the industry/your job?

Working in the field I studied, having the confidence that I can support the needs of our clients in the best possible way, and suggesting to them the best solutions for their applications in the AEC market.

Cristina Bonfanti, Field Applications Engineer, FARO, Italy

FARO laser canner in the field

Why did you choose to join the AEC industry?

I’m an architect and a PhD in Surveying for Land and Cultural Heritage. The passion for old and ancient buildings and archeological activities brought me to measuring, documenting and managing their 3D data. I participated in many archaeological campaigns in Italy and abroad (Middle East and Central Asia). For many years I collaborated with the Turin Polytechnic in research activities and as a contract professor.

What’s your favorite part about the industry/your job?

As an FAE I’m involved in many different situations, not only in Construction, so I’m really happy when our customers are surveyors for cultural heritage, architects, restorers, archaeologists. I like training and supporting activities and it’s very important for me to work in the field and test FARO solutions in real applications.

Sarah Ulrich, Global Channel Development Manager, FARO, US

kitchen rennovation, women in construction at FARO

Why did you choose to join the AEC industry?

Processing mortgages was my first job related to AEC, but the sales side paid so much more! Day in and day out, processing closing statements showing how much real estate agents were making was incredibly tempting. It also helped that I was a homeowner and very cheap. If a job needed to be done on our house, my husband and I did it. Over the years, we found we had learned how to do almost everything to renovate a house by remodeling our own and then reselling it.

In the past few years, we admitted to ourselves that this was our passion. Unlike many who golf, travel, or otherwise amuse themselves, we preferred working together and making ugly houses beautiful and functional again. We have opened our own boutique brokerage and are now working to flip a couple of houses a year. Unlike many hobbies, this one makes us money instead of costing it, and we still learn a lot every time!

What’s your favorite part about the industry/your job?

I love turning a neighborhood eyesore into a showpiece! Designing around a wide variety of personal tastes can be challenging (especially when you don’t know what they are) but putting in beautiful natural elements allows me to bring out timeless beauty that everyone can appreciate.


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