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5 Ways Construction Progress Management Improves Workflows

Feb 19, 2023 | Article, Construction, HoloBuilder, Progress Tracking

HoloBuilder sets new standards in construction progress management and shows how state-of-the-art technology can be used to conserve resources and save costs on the construction site.

Imagine you have a construction project and, in order to monitor construction progress, you don’t even need to drive there anymore. If the construction site is just around the corner, that might be less of an issue. However, if it’s in a distant location, every trip saved can minimize plenty of costs.

Keep in mind your team will want to stay up-to-date on construction progress with access to all the details as well. HoloBuilder shows how you can also simultaneously bring all project participants, be they general contractors, stakeholders or suppliers, up to speed, giving all of them full context of the site.


Visualize construction progress with HoloBuilder and a 360° camera

HoloBuilder™ is a platform for construction progress documentation, which improves workflows on construction sites through site visualization and documentation. Equipped with a 360° camera, the HoloBuilder JobWalk app and cloud-based Web Editor, it’s easy to keep your construction progress up to date remotely while keeping everyone on the same page.

1. Reliable as-built documentation of all construction phases and their development

Centralized storage and documentation of your project’s construction progress in 360° helps to track every single step, both during the construction phase and after project completion. Thanks to storage in a secure cloud location, all construction data can be accessed by those involved at any time, from any location with an internet connection.


2. Reduce costly trips to the construction site

With HoloBuilder, it is no longer necessary to visit the construction site yourself every day to inspect construction progress. The person responsible on-site can document the progress with a 360° camera and the JobWalk app and then upload the photos to the cloud so that others involved in the project can access them regardless of their location.


3. Keeping all project participants and stakeholders on the same page

It’s not just basic documentation that’s important during the various phases of construction. Often, it is detailed issues that need to be resolved or discussed on short notice. With HoloBuilder, all team members are on the same page and given the same thorough understanding of the site through 360° visualization. Every single change made on-site throughout the project is documented and shared transparently.


4. Improve cooperation between all teams and departments

During the construction phase, many different teams, departments and subcontractors will operate simultaneously. If, for example, a subcontractor needs to know the status of an electrical installation, he can view it in the HoloBuilder project. This facilitates collaboration for all teams and reduces unnecessary downtime, ultimately minimizing costs.

5. Reduce waste through accurate visualization of the jobsite

The need for rework often happens due to poor communication within the team and with stakeholders. With a centralized visualization of the jobsite, communication can be improved, and work can be more easily coordinated, reducing costly mistakes and eliminating wastage of materials.

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