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Make Your BIM Process Real: Import Your 3D Models Into FARO Sphere® XG!

Jan 16, 2024 | Architecture, Article, Construction, Document Existing Conditions, Engineering, Progress Tracking, Sphere XG

Work efficiently with your design and reality capture data in one place.

It’s a new year, and we have great news to share. FARO Sphere XG now supports 3D Model imports and overlays! Make light of visual analysis and comparisons of your projects using a single digital reality platform that supports all your design and reality capture data. No more data silos!

What’s New?

Find out more about the easy import of your 3D data, and the benefits of having design and reality capture data within a single cloud-based platform.

Easy setup and keeping 3D model functionalities you know and love

Consolidate your design and all reality capture data into one coordinate system. The new “Import 3D Data” Button in Sphere XG allows you to upload your 3D or BIM model in various industry standard formats including Navisworks, Revit, IFC, DWG, and more. Your georeferenced models and point clouds will align without extra effort. With 3D model data usually being vast and complex, easily navigating your designs with familiar functions is key. In Sphere XG, you have access to the model tree as you know it from your 3D modelling software. This allows you to hide or show specific elements/groups or layers to quickly assess the differences and perform your inspection, which will help hide unwanted items and isolate only what is needed.

Visualize your 3D models and reality capture data within a unified environment

Sphere XG enables AECO professionals to visualize their 3D models in the same cloud environment as their reality capture data (360° photos and point clouds). It’s a singular platform for capturing, storing, measuring, and collaborating. With the ability to import your 3D model, you can provide access to valuable often siloed information in one location for all your stakeholders both internally and externally. This saves time by removing the need to log on to different cloud platforms or desktop software with powerful computers.

3D model overview

Import your 3D Models directly into Sphere XG.

Quick, seamless, and immersive comparison of current conditions vs. the plan

You’re already familiar with side-by-side comparisons of 360° photos and point clouds in Sphere XG and 360° photos vs. BIM model renderings in the HoloBuilder Web Editor. Now, we’re making it even easier to compare your site progress vs. the plan, visually inspect for possible future clashes, and catch deviations. Besides the side-by-side comparison, you now have visual overlays of point cloud data on 3D models, which allows for effective tracking and monitoring of project progress against the original models. Any discrepancies or issues can be spotted early with accuracy and mitigated before they escalate, preventing reworks, busting schedules, and budgets.


Try our new feature now and discover how Sphere XG helps you on the job.

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