Procore Integration with HoloBuilder

Seamlessly import, integrate, and synchronize your Procore files, sheets, and images, including RFIs and Observations, with HoloBuilder.

One common credential, no password fatigue

Securely log into HoloBuilder using your Procore credentials and start working. Eliminating the need for multiple credentials reduces the risk of forgotten or misplaced passwords while increasing the security of your data. 

Import everything with just a click

Once logged in, using the HoloBuilder Web Editor, you can access your existing Procore files. Simply import sheets, and images directly into HoloBuilder for quicker integration.

Seamless, collaborative, integrated workflow

Create and manage Procore RFIs & Observations through 360 Markups directly within HoloBuilder’s 360° reality capture environment. 

HoloBuilder photo documentation embedded app

View, manage, or markup site progress in HoloBuilder projects directly within Procore. Use the “360° Photo Site Documentation Embedded” App to access your HoloBuilder projects seamlessly from within Procore’s web interface without switching between platforms.

Watch our feature video for a clearer picture and how HoloBuilder’s integration with Procore leads to better efficiency and accuracy.

Get an overview of the Procore + HoloBuilder integration.

Get an overview of the Procore + HoloBuilder integration.

Elevate productivity, collaboration, and efficiency levels on your next project by integrating your Procore workflows into HoloBuilder!