Everything You Need to Get Started with FARO Sphere® XG, In One Place

To ensure a seamless transition onto our cutting-edge digital reality platform, we’ve compiled vital resources that provide everything you need to become a Sphere XG power user.

FARO Sphere XG shown on laptop

As you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Sphere XG, we’re here to accelerate that process with valuable content that might answer some of your burning questions about the digital reality platform. Whether you’re looking to register your point clouds, migrate project data, or find yourself transitioning between FARO’s suite of tools and platforms, we’ve got you covered. Continue scrolling, and we’ll ensure you get the most out of Sphere XG.

Walkthrough Videos

If reading is not your thing, we’ve compiled a list of expert-led video walkthroughs to guide you each step of the way as you integrate processes into Sphere XG.

The Dashboard – Workspace

Get started with the Sphere XG workspace dashboard. Learn how to manage projects, users, and groups, align point clouds, and explore analytics with ease.

project dashboard overview

The Dashboard – Projects

Explore your project dashboard with confidence to manage project names, groups, client information, and access levels. You can also add descriptions, upload project images, and archive or share projects.

Interface Overview

The Sphere XG Interface

Discover how to effectively navigate the Sphere XG project interface and leverage its diverse functions, different viewing modes and handy features to attain the optimal collaborative workflow.

Interface Overview

Creating a New Project

Creating a new Sphere XG project is simple and efficient. Learn how you can start a new project from the workspace dashboard, set project details, assign permissions, and upload necessary files.

user manual faro sphere xg

Getting Started Manual

Read our detailed user manual, which provides you with step-by-step tutorials on operating the Sphere XG interface. Learn how to manage multiple projects in the dashboard, as well as upload various reality capture data, share information to collaborate, and more within Sphere XG. ​

SCENE Software Users – Update Required

Uploading data from FARO SCENE Software to Sphere XG requires an update to SCENE for seamless synchronization between the two platforms. Please update to the latest version for a smooth experience.

Sphere Dashboard

Important Information for Workspace Admins

As an admin for the Sphere XG workspace, here are some essential things you need to know for a successful transition

  1. Sphere XG uses a single project type to manage your data. FARO applications like SCENE and Stream are updated to directly interact with Sphere XG projects.
  2. We recommend backing up any existing SCENE projects in your workspace, as these application-specific projects will no longer be supported or accessible.
  3. You can download and backup SCENE projects you wish to retain using the Sync Agent synchronization tool. Projects will remain available for download for the next 30 days.
  4. WebShare projects are not affected and will remain accessible as usual.

If you do have further questions about your upgrade to Sphere XG, contact us via the chat icon in the bottom right corner or send us an email to support@holobuilder.com. We’re happy to help!