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HoloBuilder™ is built for Specialty Contractors.

Make everyone’s life easier by updating customers on work performed and providing visual proof, allowing them to get paid faster.


Interactive Documentation

The immersive view helps everyone understand the current jobsite condition and what work has been completed without being there.


Optimize Payment Processes

Proving that you’ve completed work can be cumbersome and involve many delays. 360° photos provide a fast & cost effective way to help optimize payment processes.


Verify Field Conditions

Document as-built conditions as fast as you can walk and easily answer questions like “Where are we compared to the plan?”

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Why HoloBuilder?

80% Faster Than Anything On the Market

Take a single 360° photo instead of 11 standard photos. Save 80% of your team’s time.

360° and 2D Photos Live On the Floor Plan

Photos are automatically placed on the floor plan and organized by date and time during the capture process in the field.

Fast & Easy To Get Started

Get your team ramped up in just 20 minutes! We offer free training webinars and dedicated customer success teams that help you scale success throughout your organization!

Take Control Of Your Documentation

With HoloBuilder, Specialty Contractors can document with their onsite teams in a fraction of the time.

Be The Best Partner To Your Stakeholders

Providing hand over packages that really provide value to the owner in the long term differentiates your services from the crowd.

Construction Progress Management

Here’s how Construction Progress Management improves your workflows.

Capture Jobsite Conditions with Speed, Simplicity and Stability

The HoloBuilder JobWalk App, with ContinuousMode & SpeedMode, and a 360° camera are all your field teams need to get started with 360° photo capture. Implementing fast, simple and professional photo documentation has never been easier.

Ensure That All Progress Is Recorded

Save time and money by eliminating debate, reducing confusion and increasing trust and collaboration. HoloBuilder is your solution for a faster, more effective way to measure and manage progress.

Instant Progress Photo Reports

Turn the fast-captured 360° photos into 2D photos and generate structured, branded and professional PDF reports.

Instant Progress Photo Reports

Who Uses HoloBuilder?

Project Managers

Be able to communicate progress with the owner and keep meeting short!


Answer question fast and have the data to back it up. Spend more time building, less time arguing.

Field Engineers

Replace the hours of capturing and organizing photos with managing risk.

VDC & BIM Teams

Enable to digitize the site and allow for virtual collaboration. Easy setup helps scale fast.


Secure and compliant software that enables your data to stay safe and secure.


Dial into any project from anywhere, reduce travel time.

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