HoloBuilder’s Construction Progress Management Platform


HoloBuilder’s mobile JobWalk app synced with a standard 360° camera is all you need to start tracking construction progress with 360° photos as fast as you can walk the site.

Core Features


Web Editor & Viewer

Share the latest updates, all in one place. Document changes, leave comments and share to keep everyone informed, wherever you are.
360 Markups

360 Markups & 360 MarkupList

Mark up your 360° virtual construction site to share key findings and updates and eliminate communication gaps.

JobWalk Mobile App

Document your progress as fast as you can walk your jobsite. All you need is a mobile device and 360° camera for 360° photo capture.
HoloBuilder 360 Sitestream Is Your Live Streaming Solution for 360° Real-Time Construction Progress Monitoring: 24/7 Job Site Live Streaming in 360° Made Easy With the Ricoh Theta V 360° Camera and the HoloBuilder JobWalk App.

360 SiteStream

Live stream construction progress for job site monitoring or meetings, 24/7/365.

Distance Measurement

Using computer vision technology, estimate dimensions inside your 360° construction photos without ever pulling out a tape measure.


Easily find relevant content and share specific subsets of your construction project’s 360° photos — even with 100K+ photos in one project.

Offline Handover

Provide stakeholders with a permanent 360° site documentation that fits on a USB drive and is accessible in the Offline HoloViewer for years to come.

Annotation & Document Attachment

Share key findings and updates simply by adding notes, PDFs, videos, or audio files to your 360° site documentation.

Enterprise Ready

Introducing the Enterprise Dashboard: Your central point of access to all HoloBuilder projects in your company or region on one dashboard, with an intuitive user interface for account and project administration.

Enterprise Dashboard

The HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard is your central point of access to all HoloBuilder projects in your company or region, with an intuitive user interface for comprehensive account and administrative controls.

Multi-tiered Administration

Manage your company billing and Multi-Tiered User Administration from your Enterprise Dashboard for an easy roll-out of HoloBuilder 360° site documentation in your organization.

JobSite Analytics

Embedded in HoloBuilder’s Enterprise Dashboard, see all ongoing project activities, their status, and when photo capturing is happening.


Hosted on Leading Cloud Infrastructure

For maximum reliability and security, all HoloBuilder project data is hosted on redundant, leading cloud server architecture.

EU Server Option Available

As an alternative to HoloBuilder’s out-of-the-box US-based servers, the EU Server Option has all data physically hosted in Europe.


Third-Party Integrations

Make use of our powerful integrations and connect your HoloBuilder Reality Capture projects to your favorite technology providers. Work seamlessly between the platforms and eliminate data silos with ease!

Capture progress at every stage of construction

Pre-Production Planning

Use HoloBuilder for pre-bid planning to secure better bids, for demolition planning to improve coordination, or for design planning to accelerate the approval process.

As-Built Documentation

Build a complete record of your site’s progress in 360°, make your documentation available to your inspector for quality control, and share with stakeholders to streamline communications.

Post-Production Handover

Export your documentation for permanent, offline record-keeping to share with project owners. Cover your back with all-encompassing documentation to prove that you made the proper construction decisions.

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