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John Niles - Reality Capture for as-built

Reality Capture Deliverable for As-Built Documentation to the Building Owner

Oct 26, 2023

Learn how to create an accurate and context-rich visual twin that helps create detailed and precise as-built and closeout documentation.

During construction administration phases, the A/E Design Teams usually maintain and update building and IFC (issued for construction) design models. These reports require information such as as-built records from GCs and design revisions to be included for closeout documentation when developing final record models. Meanwhile, in EMEA, GCs are the ones responsible for maintaining and updating the final models. From an owner’s perspective, the absence of streamlined workflows and digital progress management tools in both practices often leaves them wanting when reports are missing critical data.

In this session, John from Gafcon Digital walks you through ways to leverage reality capture technology as part of your site documentation workflow. Learn how to create an accurate and context-rich visual twin that helps create detailed and precise as-built and closeout documentation. 

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