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elyse Whissell Bergeron - from vision to reality

From Vision to Reality: Navigating the Implementation of 3D Reality Capture in Construction

Oct 26, 2023

Gain insights into creating efficient processes that enable your team to harness the full potential of implementing 3D reality capture.

The presentation’s main takeaway will be a comprehensive understanding of how to steer the implementation of 3D reality capture within your organization. Attendees will leave with insights into creating efficient processes that enable them to harness the full potential of this technology. EBC’s Elyse walks you through these three essential elements behind successfully implementing 3D reality capture:

1. Key Elements of a Successful Process: Outlining the core components of an effective implementation process, including technology selection, team training, data management, and quality control.

2. Navigating Implementation Challenges: Addressing common hurdles that organizations may face when integrating 3D reality capture. Emphasizing the need for adaptable strategies and sharing insights into overcoming obstacles.

3. Realizing Data-Driven Decision-Making: Demonstrating how 3D reality capture translates into actionable data. Illustrating how this data empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions at every phase of a project’s lifecycle.

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