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alistair wells - future FARO outlook

FARO Future Outlook

Oct 4, 2023

Discover what’s new in FARO’s technology and hardware suite and learn how these tools can help generate accurate, complete, and detailed information and data sets, setting your project up for success.

Spearheading innovation that empowers AECO professionals with effective and efficient jobsite solutions is a primary driver here at FARO Technologies. FARO is at the cutting edge of digital reality capture technology. Whether you are a project manager assessing progress on your site, a consultant scanning a manufacturing facility to help redefine the production lines or an architect looking to document their latest designs, FARO has the technology portfolio to capture your site, bring your data together, share with your colleagues and teams and ultimately make better decisions.

In this session with Product Management and Segment Marketing Director Alistair Wells, you will see how FARO is bringing data captured with high resolution static scanners, mobile scanners, iPhones and 360° cameras into one environment seamlessly and rapidly. He will focus on how rapidly the data is captured which allows it to be used or consumed even faster. The session also highlights the balance between when highly accurate data is needed versus when less accurate data can be collected more frequently and more easily. Finally, Alistair will share a look into the future to see what you can expect from FARO in the coming months.

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