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Irene Radcliffe - Data Whisperer Let's turn reality capture into your company's secret weapon

Data Whisperer: Let’s turn reality capture into your company’s secret weapon

Oct 26, 2023

Increase efficiency when managing and executing your projects by utilizing the interoperability of reality data capture from FARO’s suite of technologies.

The complexity of today’s project has undeniably driven the adoption of digital tools and the reliance on data among forward-thinking AECO companies. However, despite leveraging the individual solutions and optimizations of each digital tool – from documenting sites and monitoring progress to compiling as-built reports – only a handful of businesses are extracting the true value of these interoperable tools.

In this session, FARO Senior Business Development Manager Irene Radcliffe demonstrates how to become your own data whisperer to get maximum value from your reality capture data. Learn how leveraging the interoperability of data from platforms like As-Built for AutoCAD® Software, AsBuilt for Autodesk® Revit®, Webshare Cloud, BuildIT Construction, FARO Sphere, HoloBuilder™ can be your secret weapon toward increasing efficiency when managing and executing your projects. 

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