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jason de melfi - keeping point cloud data accessible

Advantages of Keeping Point Cloud Data Accessible on a Project

Oct 26, 2023

Learn how Hensel Phelps utilized accessible data to efficiently conduct constructability reviews, remotely analyze designs, and more.

Each successful project in the industry requires managing a vast amount of data and information, usually contained in point clouds. This information is often underutilized and not leveraged to its full potential due to a lack of users engaging or accessing the data and delays in the initial implementation of the point cloud data. In this session, learn how the Nashville International Airport team proactively gathered and analyzed data shortly after being awarded the project, and not when structures were being set in place, to allow all stakeholders to routinely engage with point cloud data regarding quality, cost, schedule, and safety. Find out how these optimizations enabled the team to construct a +$450 million large-scale project without impacting the active airport’s day-to-day operations, benefiting from their decision to share point cloud data early on with all stakeholders.

In this presentation, Jason from Hensel Phelps walks you through how his team leveraged democratized data access to conduct extensive constructability reviews efficiently, virtually analyze designs remotely, identify safer and quicker data-gathering methods for major construction activities, and proactively manage quality assurance.

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