HoloBuilder Add-In for Autodesk Revit

Get the Autodesk® Revit® Add-In for use with your HoloBuilder projects to import 360° renderings of your 3D Revit model

Create a new HoloBuilder project from within Revit

Place 360° viewpoints on your floor plan within Revit and export it into a new HoloBuilder project.

Export 360° model renderings into an existing HoloBuilder project

Align your Revit and HoloBuilder floor plan – the Add-In automatically generates 360° renderings for all waypoints on the floor plan that you can then export into HoloBuilder.

Compare the plan to as-builts

Get side-by-side comparison of your 360° renderings from Revit with the real-life 360° photos of the site.

Learn of all the options you have when working with the HoloBuilder Add-In for Autodesk Revit to create and update HoloBuilder projects.

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Make progress management run smoothly by utilizing the HoloBuilder Add-in for Autodesk Revit to keep your 3D model renderings and 360° photos in sync.