Minimize Renovation & Maintenance Downtime

HoloBuilder helps retail owners speed up the completion of renovation and maintenance projects through faster 360° site documentation and effective construction progress management – minimizing the cost of closures and downtime of stores.

Our Customer Stories

With a 360° reality capture tool like HoloBuilder, retail owners can monitor and manage the progress of their renovation and maintenance projects remotely. This helps you ensure your project or upgrading works remain on track and on budget for re-opening, without the need for repeated and expensive site visits.

Learn how the construction progress management platform is being used in our customers’ workflows to minimize costly downtime of retail outlets.

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Leverage a 360° Construction Progress Management Tool to Stay on Track and on Budget

The cost retail owners assume during renovation and maintenance projects can result in a significant hit to bottom lines during outlet closures. However, many forward-thinking owners are pivoting toward cloud-based construction progress management tools like HoloBuilder to avoid these extra costs.

With the help of a cloud-based 360° progress record of the site documenting every stage of a project, retail owners can easily monitor the project’s progress remotely, ensuring they stay on track and avoiding costly delays, reworks, or site visits.

Access to accurate and current data on as-built and project statuses can also help with your progress payments to contractors. Individuals or departments issuing these payments can refer to data and records of each construction phase online to avoid paying for incomplete work.

Try HoloBuilder today and discover new levels of efficiency 360° reality capture can offer for your next project!