Increase jobsite visibility with Raken and HoloBuilder

Embed your HoloBuilder projects directly into the Raken Company Dashboard to view site progress.

See all project activity in real time in Raken

Link your HoloBuilder projects to your Raken Company Dashboard to get direct access to what’s happening on-site without the need to switch applications.

View and manage site progress over time in 360°

See your jobsite in 360° from anywhere, anytime. 360° site photos become available instantly as your project progresses to every step Add 360 Markups and annotations directly from within Raken.

Compare 360° photos side-by-side with BIM model renderings

When construction starts, 360° photos can be used for progress tracking in HoloBuilder and compared with BIM models via HoloBuilder’s SplitScreen feature.

Utilize HoloBuilder and Raken together to enable your company to keep projects safe and on schedule.