Manage On-Site Construction Progress in 360°

HoloBuilder™ is built for Owners.

Monitor assets throughout the project life cycle using a visual progress record with centralized data access on a single shared platform.

Yale University Shows HoloBuilder Isn’t Just for Contractors

Learn how Yale University leveraged 360° photo documentation to support residence improvement and maintenance.

“We can very quickly document an entire building in just a few days and have a clear picture of the space.”

— Sydney Colon, Associate Project Manager at Yale University Office of Facilities

Optimize Construction Project Management

With a Construction Progress Management tool like HoloBuilder, Owners can streamline their entire workflow – simplifying the construction or renovation process from documentation to execution.


Capture your facility conditions with speed, simplicity, and stability with the HoloBuilder JobWalk App and a 360° camera. Construction Managers conduct walk-throughs on-site, quickly capturing 360° photos, reducing time spent and expenses.


Gain better visibility of your jobsites for tracking and compliance purposes by providing your team access to a project’s progress photos in 360° or converted into 2D for professional PDF reports. Photos are organized by location and time within a single system, cutting down time spent on trying to locate them when needed.


Resolve issues quickly and avoid costly rework by bringing your entire team on the same page. By using the same documentation tool as General Contractors, construction progress information is consolidated and standardized, providing an accurate picture of what happens on-site. Move progress forward and solve expensive, time-consuming issues before they occur.


Use HoloBuilder’s powerful integrations, including Revit® and Navisworks®, to compare existing on-site conditions with your BIM model renderings side-by-side without the need for a high-end computer. Confidently make project decisions with the assurance of a true-to-life digital representation of the jobsite.

Why Owners Choose HoloBuilder

A Single Source of Truth

Save time and money by eliminating doubt, improving communication and increasing collaboration across departments. HoloBuilder is the faster, effective way to measure progress through a single shared platform, helping teams gain visibility on a project without on-site visits.

View & Manage Projects Remotely

Manage, markup and measure your site using your 360° photos from anywhere, at any time using HoloBuilder’s Web Editor tools. Access and oversee progress and visit any project without losing time or increasing travel costs.

Seamless Integration

HoloBuilder plays well with other systems, giving your team a complete picture of the jobsite. Integrations and add-ins including Procore®, Autodesk BIM 360®, Revit, and Navisworks, ensure you’re minimizing risk and increasing profitability by preventing costly mistakes on-site.

A Rock Solid Progress Record

With HoloBuilder, Owners create comprehensive as-built records of buildings for future projects. Send your Contractor the 360° photo documentation as part of the next work order to give them a clear picture of existing conditions before even setting foot on-site.

Who Uses HoloBuilder?


Manage portfolios of any size from anywhere. Drive resolutions quickly to secure profit margins.

Owner’s Representatives

Improve communication, drive decisions, and handle disputes in a fraction of the time.

Facility Managers

See what’s behind the wall to verify work that was put in place to manage issues or renovations.


Increase flexibility and avoid project delays based on availability by knowing what has been installed—even if the wall is already up.


Trust that the next tranche of money can be granted and follow along progress.

Directors of Construction

Streamline processes and scale operations with ease.

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