Manage your Higher Education Facilities with Ease

HoloBuilder helps higher education institutions owners provide access to project photos to contractors, IT and accounts payable to help them make effective decisions and better understand the conditions on-site.

Leverage 360° Reality Capture to Get a Complete View of Your Institution’s Facilities

Through 360° photo documentation technology, HoloBuilder acts as a crucial tool for higher education owners to accumulate and manage data about the institutions’ buildings and spaces – effectively mitigating risks in the event of insurance claims.

Yale University Shows HoloBuilder Isn’t Just for Contractors

Learn how Yale University leveraged 360° photo documentation to support residence improvement and maintenance.

“We can very quickly document an entire building in just a few days and have a clear picture of the space.”

— Sydney Colon, Associate Project Manager at Yale University Office of Facilities

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Optimize Asset and Project Management with 360° Photo Documentation

With a Construction Progress Management tool like HoloBuilder, owners can streamline their entire university’s workflow – giving every team a clear understanding of the needs of each area of the building.

Simplify workflows and communication with contractors on-site

With the ability to flag locations on the floor plan prior to construction, re-plan your work around existing conditions much more easily before contractors even step on-site, saving time and simplifying information sharing.

Streamline communication between departments

Share valuable data with other departments so that they have visibility into the projects, allowing them to make quicker, more informed decisions.

House as-built modelss in a single source of truth platform

Eliminate doubt with accurate and up-to-date site data and captures you can trust.

Ready to give HoloBuilder a trial run and see how 360° reality capture can simplify your construction and renovation process from documentation to execution?