HoloBuilder Add-In for Autodesk Navisworks

Get the Autodesk® Navisworks® Add-In to include 360° renderings of your 3D models into your HoloBuilder projects.

Easily export your Navisworks model to HoloBuilder

Create 360° viewpoints within your Navisworks coordination model and upload them to HoloBuilder as 360° renderings. Or create sheet views in Navisworks and export them as a floor plan to HoloBuilder.

Compare the plan with real-life site captures

Add 360° renderings of your Navisworks 3D model directly as TimeTravel images to your existing 360° as-is photos for easy side-by-side comparison with SplitScreen.

View renderings from any device, anytime

Make your Navisworks models accessible to your team and stakeholders by sending them a link to your HoloBuilder project that can be viewed on any device, even in the field, without the need to download any visualization software.

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Utilize the HoloBuilder Add-in for Autodesk Navisworks to compare your collaboration BIM models with 360° site photos and make them easily accessible!