Simplify your Handover Process and Get Paid Faster

Provide a rock-solid report during closeout and a visual record of the project’s progress tracked over time. Take the fight out of monthly progress payments by providing indisputable proof of completed work.

Our Customer Success Stories

We help our clients optimize the handover process by ensuring that all construction progress is recorded, documented and easily shared in a single source of truth platform.

By leveraging a 360° construction progress management solution like HoloBuilder, contractors and AECO professionals can share interactive documentation with all stakeholders to understand and discuss the conditions of the jobsite without physically being on-site.

Learn how our customers have utilized 360° photo documentation to improve their construction workflows, simplify closeouts with clients through improved communication, and get paid faster.

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Get Paid Faster and Avoid Legal Disputes with 360° Reality Capture

Having proof of jobsite conditions at every stage of the construction project protects you as a contractor from delays in payment. When completed work is documented and organized by time and location, potential disagreements are avoided with the client on perceived gaps in delivery.

With a 360° construction progress management tool, save time and money by avoiding legal disputes, clear up confusion, and promote collaboration and trust with stakeholders.

HoloBuilder gives you a faster, more efficient approach to tracking and overseeing progress, making the handover process a breeze and ensuring you get paid on time, every time.

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Discover how to keep clients informed of the project’s overall progress with a 360° rock-solid visual record, enabling quick payments, earning stakeholder trust, and winning future work.