HoloBuilder App for Microsoft Teams

Access your HoloBuilder projects and view 360° photos directly within Microsoft Teams without launching a web browser.

Add HoloBuilder to Microsoft Teams

Download and install the HoloBuilder App to connect and view your existing 360° projects within Microsoft Teams. Switch between Teams’ files and chat tabs and share project information seamlessly.

View 360° photos alongside other projects

Easily perform side-by-side comparisons of different project data to relay the latest information to team members. Allow other stakeholders and project members access to ensure alignment across teams.

Collaborate better with clients with remote access and control

During a Teams video call, provide clients and stakeholders access to navigate the HoloBuilder app on your computer remotely. Save time on video conferences by allowing multiple participants to present their points remotely for better strategic alignment between teams.

Watch the video to see how the integration works.

Optimize your workflow with the HoloBuilder App for Microsoft Teams and promote better collaboration, efficiency, and project accuracy.