New for your progress tracking:

The HoloBuilder JobWalk App on iOS now integrates with the Insta360 One X camera!

Benefit from a new option to document your site with a popular 360° camera that provides great image quality and a good value-for-money ratio.
All you need to do is install a custom firmware to your camera and connect it to the JobWalk App on iOS.

What can you expect from the Insta360 One X camera for your construction documentation?

At 18 megapixels resolution, images captured by the Insta360 One X allow for detailed photographs at a very good cost-performance ratio. The Insta360 One X is a great alternative for those who prefer a high quality, but don't want to dip into the high-price segment. See in the table below how the Insta360 One X performs compared to other 360° cameras.

Are you ready to document your projects with the Insta 360 One X?

Benefit from another great new option to document your site in good quality at a great cost-performance ratio: HoloBuilder now integrates with the Insta360 One X for a mobile ready workflow!

Just head over to the firmware download page, install the firmware and start capturing!

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