Image of construction professional capturing 360° site photos with HoloBuilder fronting an artistic impression of a building

Efficient Construction Progress Management Best Practices

Jan 16, 2023 | Construction, HoloBuilder, Infographic, Progress Tracking

The step-by-step guide to setting your jobsite up for success with 360º photo capture.

There are a lot of moving parts in modern construction projects. It’s a lot to manage, and any small misstep can lead to major roadblocks or an organization nightmare later down the line. Follow these documentation best practices for smoother project coordination, better photo quality and simplified photo navigation.


As you begin the project, set up your project documentation in a way that will be easy to scale.

  • Divide the site into 100-250 square-foot areas and assign them to different field engineers.
  • Label each camera to be used on-site and document who will be using each one.
  • Choose a cloud-based software solution to safely store the raw photos and ensure everyone on the team stays on the same page.
  • Use a dedicated 360º documentation app to ensure all photos are linked to the floor plan and organized by time of capture.
  • Process the photos with a 360º visualization tool.


Most photo documentation happens during the construction phase, and it’s critical to use proper techniques to capture high quality photos of project progress.

  • Use proper camera positioning. A lightweight tripod is usually the best option for 360º cameras.
  • Improve consistency by placing markers of the tripod/camera locations overhead and on the floor plan.
  • Carry sufficient lighting like a 360° halo light to capture better quality photos in dim spaces.
  • Set up routine QA/QC processes for more accurate and consistent photo categorization.


Photo storage and organization is just as important as the photo capture process. Manage your photo documentation in a way that is easy to navigate for your team and the client.

  • Use a software solution, like FARO HoloBuilderTM Software , to deliver the photos with easily accessible descriptions, markups and identifiers.
  • Share relevant photos with the client from all project phases for better transparency

The step-by-step guide to setting your jobsite up for success with 360º photo capture