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Hensel Phelps Saves 4,680 Hours of Photo Capture Time with HoloBuilder

Learn how Hensel Phelps replaced its traditional site documentation process with HoloBuilder’s Construction Progress Management tool to leverage 360° reality capture, saving time and improving collaboration.

“The ability to locate the picture on a plan view document and sort the photos through time makes for a much more intuitive process, allowing this platform to become the single source of truth for team members to collaborate with.”

Andrew Cameron, DBIA, Project Manager at Hensel Phelps.

HP case study mockup
HP case study mockup

What Our Customers Say

“People love 360° photos of progression. Now you can easily say here is what the jobsite looked like on every single day and compare.”

With HoloBuilder’s instant progress photo reports, stay on track at every stage of the project and view progress over time.

Partner Spotlight

Brasfield & Gorrie gains insights on how powerful 360° progress management can be.

Ryan Hittie

Ryan Hittie

Innovation Specialist | Unmanned Systems Operator

Brasfield & Gorrie

• 13 offices in the US
• more than 3,000 employees
• 2021 revenue of $4.1 billion.

“It really gives you awareness of the jobsite.”

“Standard photos that are named IMG 345 and only show a fraction of the location don’t work for us. Instead, 360° photos allow you to get so much more. You can see the ceiling, floor and walls all located on the floor plan, dated and time stamped. It really gives you an awareness of the jobsite.”

“Photos live on the floor plan…”

Photos live on the floor plan. This helps with the accessibility of the photos. I can easily say, “Here is where this photo was taken.”

Photos are captured automatically during the capture process in the field.

“Now, we quickly capture documentation ourselves and the progress moves forward!”

”We all know the situation: Sheetrock is going up on level eight tomorrow and I need level eight captured before close of business today. Before, we had to delay progress until we scheduled a documentation team. Now, we quickly capture documentation ourselves and the progress moves forward!”

With HoloBuilder, General Contractors can document with their onsite teams in a fraction of the time.

Optimize Construction Project Management

With a Construction Progress Management tool like HoloBuilder, General Contractors can streamline their entire site capture process – securing future projects and impressing stakeholders


Document as-built conditions on-site in 360° as fast as you can walk and cut time spent answering questions like “Where are we compared to the floor plan?”


Oversee quality control on-site within a single collaborative platform. Easily communicate with stakeholders to resolve change orders or respond to RFIs with a digital representation of the jobsite.

Optimize Construction Project Management - organize


With our AR-powered SpeedMode and ContinuousMode, captured 360° photos are instantly added to your floor plan – removing the need to sort through captured photos across scattered devices.

Why General Contractors Choose HoloBuilder

Capture Your Site Quickly

Save time with a faster, efficient 360° photo capture process. HoloBuilder’s JobWalk app offers the broadest spectrum of capture methods in the market, capturing your site as fast as you walk and instantly uploading documentation to a cloud-based platform.

View & Manage Projects Remotely

Manage, markup and measure your jobsite from anywhere, at any time using the HoloBuilder Web Editor. Access and oversee progress and visit any project without losing time or increasing travel costs

Seamless Integration

HoloBuilder plays well with other systems, including integrations and add-ins with Procore®, Autodesk® BIM 360®, Revit®, and Navisworks®. Manage quality control by comparing progress photos side-by-side with BIM model renderings.

A Rock Solid Progress Record

With HoloBuilder’s Construction Progress Management platform, create accurate as-built records of buildings for future projects. Build trust with stakeholders, secure future projects, and simplify the closeout process with comprehensive 360° photo documentation.

Who Uses HoloBuilder?

Project Managers

Be able to communicate progress with the owner and keep meetings short.


Answer questions fast and have the data to back it up to avoid doubt and confusion.

Field Engineers

Replace the hours of capturing and organizing photos with managing risk.

VDC & BIM Teams

Digitize the site and allow for virtual collaboration. Easy setup helps scale fast.


Secure and compliant software that ensures your data stays safe and protected.


Dial into any project from anywhere, reduce travel time.

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