Make Your BIM Process Real: Bring All Your Reality Capture and 3D Design Data Into FARO Sphere® XG

Point Cloud Management - 3D model import
Point Cloud Management - 3D model import

Switching between different platforms to access 3D point cloud data, 360° photos, and 3D design models within a large construction firm can be a hassle. Then, there are times when datasets need to be compared to ensure the project is going to plan. Having to access such data, often stored in silos, can lead to issues and disrupts your team’s workflow, resulting in delays to your project and a dent in your bottom line.

FARO Sphere XG allows you to upload, view, share, measure, and manage all your point clouds, 360° photos, and 3D models in one unified digital reality platform. This unites all reality capture data from various sources like static laser scanning, mobile LiDAR scanning (with tools such as SiteScape™) or 360° photo capture with your 3D or BIM models.


Watch the video below to see how you can open the entire reality capture spectrum for you and your projects in one platform!

3D model overview

One Platform

Unite all your reality capture data and your design data in a single platform, removing data silos. Sphere XG provides access to 3D point clouds, 360° photos, and 3D models in one location.


Unlock an easy and intuitive way of performing measurements inside of Sphere XG, that can be done by anyone, freeing up time from experts from basic tasks.

A laptop running FARO Sphere XG’s Point Cloud Management Function showing point cloud renderings of a multilevel project


No need for powerful computers to view point clouds and 3D models, simply share your project with your team and stakeholders for easy online access.

Progress Tracking Over Time

The TimeTravel drop down allows you to jump between different points in time within your 360° photos and point clouds to follow progress. Upload multiple point clouds per sheet and compare reality capture data side-by-side.

3D model import

Data Alignment

Consolidate your design and 3D point cloud data into one coordinate system, by simply uploading your 3D model in various industry standard formats. Your georeferenced models and point clouds will align without extra effort, so you can inspect the site with accuracy.

splitscreen PC vs 3D

Find Discrepancies Early

Use the handy visual overlay of point cloud data and 3D models to compare your site progress vs. the plan, visually inspect for possible future clashes, and catch deviations. Issues can be spotted early and mitigated before they escalate.

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