FARO Sphere® XG is Here!

Import and visualize all your reality capture and 3D modeling data on a unified digital reality platform with FARO Sphere XG! Experience the next generation of digital site management solutions with the upgrade of your Sphere Legacy account.

FARO Sphere XG shown on laptop
FARO Sphere XG shown on laptop

What Does the Upgrade from Sphere Legacy Mean For You?

Existing Sphere Legacy users, rest assured of a smooth transition and functional parity with the upgrade to Sphere XG. Your favorite and commonly used functionalities will still be available—plus additional new innovative features that help boost efficiency and project accuracy. Experience the next-generation digital reality platform that unifies all your reality capture and 3D modeling data into one portal.
Sphere XG laptop
Sphere Dashboard

Monitor and Complete Projects Faster

A unified digital reality platform simplifies operations between internal and external teams and stakeholders through a single-point sign-on portal. Democratizing access to all project data formats enables users to get the answers they need through a web browser quickly. This speeds up decision-making processes, eliminating bottlenecks while driving business efficiency.

All Data Formats on a Brand-New Platform

Gone are the days of jumping between platforms to retrieve various project modeling and reality capture data. With Sphere XG, you, your team members, trade partners, and stakeholders can access real-time reality capture data – point clouds, SLAM data, LiDAR data, 360° photos – alongside 3D project models on a unified digital reality platform.

Sphere XG laptop

SOC 2 Type 2 Attested Security Standards

Never worry about your sensitive data falling victim to unscrupulous hands. FARO’s suite of digital reality platforms and project management tools have all obtained SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. This means secure archiving and retrieving sensitive data protected by industry-approved security standards, protocols, and crisis management procedures.

Sphere XG’s Key Functionalities

3D model overview

One Unified Platform

The Sphere XG digital reality platform unites all of your 3D design and reality capture data into one single location. Say goodbye to data silos or compatibility issues.

Efficient Progress Tracking 

Upload multiple point clouds and 360° from different points in time into a single project. Jump between different times to analyze work and progress as it happens.

A laptop running FARO Sphere XG’s Point Cloud Management Function showing point cloud renderings of a multilevel project


Access, view, and inspect your data through a cloud-based platform. No need for powerful computers. Your digital jobsite can easily be shared with stakeholders and team members.

Accurate Dimensions

Sphere XG enables users to conduct site measurements directly within the platform, leaving experts to take on more important tasks.

3D model import

Identify Deviations Fast

Having your 3D modeling and reality capture data in one project enables visual overlays to track site progress vs the plan. Identify and correct misalignments and discrepancies early.

What’s Next?

How and When Will the Upgrade Happen?

As an existing Sphere user, all you need to do is sit back, and watch as the Sphere XG upgrades are rolled out. You will be notified along the way when your upgrade is happening. Meanwhile, our team is here for you to answer any questions and settle any concerns you might have.


What If I Don’t Want to Upgrade to Sphere XG?

Not convinced to upgrade? Talk to our experts to learn how Sphere XG can improve delivery standards while boosting the efficiency and accuracy of your projects.

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