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View, measure, and share your building data in the Sphere XG Digital Reality platform

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Sphere XG
Sphere XG

This 21-day free trial enables you to: 

  • Upload, view, share, measure, and manage all your point cloud data in a single environment.
  • Upload multiple point clouds per sheet to visualize and manage your point cloud data of different times in one location, and compare point clouds side-by-side.
  • Unlock measurements inside of Sphere XG, that can be done by anyone, freeing up time from experts from basic tasks.
  • Share your projects with your team and stakeholders for online access.

Try FARO Sphere XG out for yourself! 

Are you trying to join an existing FARO Sphere XG project?

If so, please use the link provided to you via email to gain access. No need to create a new trial account.