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Control the Site Remotely Through 360° Construction Progress Management Platform 

HoloBuilder helps large construction enterprises streamline on-site workflows through 360° photo documentation technology. Via the HoloBuilder Web Editor, teams can view the site remotely within a single cloud-based platform – enhancing visibility of the site, team communication, client relations, and profitability.

Our Customer Success Stories

Our goal is to help our clients achieve optimized capture, analysis, and visualization workflows. By leveraging 360° reality capture technology, HoloBuilder allows VDC managers, project managers and contractors to stay connected and aware of site conditions at every stage of the project through updated, accurate 360° photo documentation.

Learn how our customers have made the most of this powerful Construction Progress Management Platform for their workflows.

Next-Generation Visualization with 360° Reality Capture Technology

With next-generation visualization tools like HoloBuilder, construction firms are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the AECO industry to boost efficiency as well as adapt to consumer and investor demands.

First-movers who leverage 360° reality capture technology stand to reap tremendous rewards from increased investor prospects and gain a significant leg up over their competitors.

HoloBuilder Case Study Turner International

The Digital Twin and the Visual Twin – Why Both are Integral Processes for Your Site

Learn the differences between a digital twin and a visual twin, the different benefits of each, and the tools that bring these processes together for seamless site visualization.

HoloBuilder Case Study Turner International

How 360° Photo Documentation Improves Sustainability Compliance and Profitability

Learn how AECO organizations can leverage 360° reality capture technology to easily comply with evolving sustainability standards.

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