A construction professional walks through a jobsite while capturing site photos with HoloBuiilder and a 360° camera

360° Photo Capture Set to Disrupt Construction Insurance

May 17, 2023 | HoloBuilder, Insurance, Progress Tracking, White Paper

360° photo documentation provides project stakeholders real-time monitoring and communication while improving the overall risk profile of a project.

Ensuring you complete construction projects on time, within budget, and to specifications can become challenging when records and communications are scattered and misaligned. A good step to avoid such scenarios, while maintaining a healthy risk profile, is leveraging digital Construction Progress Management tools like HoloBuilder.

With HoloBuilder’s 360° reality capture platform, project stakeholders have a single source of truth to track their project and construction progress, review documentation history, and gain remote site access from anywhere at any time.

Insurers and reinsurers benefit from HoloBuilder through definitive records of construction progress, or insurable events. Access to such data allows you to extract precise information to address, resolve, or even dismiss any dispute.

Discover in our white paper how tools like HoloBuilder help you ensure projects are executed as intended, with insights on

  • How 360° photo capture improves the risk profile of a project
  • How Construction Progress Management platforms help with dispute resolution
  • The role 360° reality capture technology plays in risk mitigation
  • An outlook on the future of 360° photo documentation in the insurance sector

Get the white paper and gain insights from infrastructure investment veteran James Maguire. James has over 20 years of experience leading risk advisory and syndication teams in cross-border infrastructure and sustainable infrastructure projects domiciled in or originating from Asia.