Mike Zivanovic - Duane Doucet - TLS & mobile scanning

TLS & 3D Mobile Scanning – A Perfect Blend of Reality Capture

Feb 18, 2024 | Construction, Document Existing Conditions, Sphere, Webinar

Gain insider knowledge on how to leverage the benefits of integrating terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) with your 3D mobile scanning tools. Learn how this helps to elevate site documentation and efficiency standards on your next project.

With its own set of advantages and drawbacks, choosing between Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) and mobile 3D scanning as your primary site documentation method requires several key considerations. On the one hand, TLS offers greater accuracy and precision but is a slow, stationary system; mobile scanning on the other hand enables faster, larger, but less detailed scans. Also, does your project require site documentation of millimeter-level accuracy, or can you do it with faster but less accurate point cloud scans?

Watch FARO’s Mike Zivanovic and Duane Doucet presentation, recorded during the FARO Signals Conference in October 2023, as they deep dive into how TLS and mobile 3D scanning capabilities weigh up against each other. Gain first hand insights on how the new FARO® Orbis™ Mobile Laser Scanner combines the best of both worlds, speed and accuracy.

TLS & Mobile Scanning – A Perfect Blend of Reality Capture

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