As the industry continues to adopt digital construction, new technologies and new applications are changing the landscape — in a good way. Historical inefficiencies in communication and coordination are becoming a thing of the past, and we are moving to teams aligned digitally in a shared platform.

How are construction companies doing this? They are aligning around the data. Whether 3D scans or 360 photo documentation, the capture, visualization and management of site data is becoming an integral part of company processes, enabling them to streamline work, reduce waste and improve sustainability. To eliminate friction in construction progress management, the right tools are needed to capture and organize site data and documentation as seamlessly as possible. In this session we will examine where we are today, and what the future of this technology will look like, as well as understanding the ways in which it will help the industry to grow.

In this webinar, learn:

Laptop with thumbnail of Future of 3D webinar on the screen

  • The value of digital site documentation and progress monitoring
  • How Reality Capture is used for site documentation
  • The value of both 3D scans and 360° photos
  • How advances in this technology will shape the construction industry in the future

Watch this webinar to discover the symbiotic relationship of 360° and 3D reality capture solutions to enhance construction progress management.

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