School maps enhance situational awareness and reduce response times.

School maps enhance situational awareness and reduce response times, by providing detailed information such as room names and numbers, entrances and exits, and key points of interest such as fire extinguishers, AED’s, and camera locations. In the hands of school administrators and staff, school resource officers, first responders, and 9-1-1 telecommunicators, GeoComm School Safety accelerates school incident response by providing a common operating picture of the campus to the school and the community for more unified, effective, and responsive security.

This presentation recording from the FARO Signals Conference covers how SiteScape™ LiDAR data is used to augment available floorplan data to ensure that indoor maps reflect reality and maximize their effectiveness.

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GeoComm uses SiteScape to improve school safety

Download and read the full case study to learn how GeoComm improve first responders’ situational awareness by using iPad LiDAR capture.

Improving School Safety with Onsite LiDAR Data