Watch the recent BD+C webinar recording and hear insights from Kyle Tarr, Senior Business Development Manager at FARO Technologies.

Executing the unique demands of each construction project without the proper documentation tools puts your efficiency, profitability, and reputation at risk. Avoid such scenarios by equipping your team with cutting-edge 3D and 360° reality capture and construction progress management tools to visualize and accommodate every project’s needs.

Watch the webinar to gain valuable insights on elevating your performance and delivery standards on your next project using FARO’s suite of reality capture and construction progress management tools. From 3D laser scanners and 360° reality capture to 3D LiDAR scanning with your smartphone, learn how FARO’s suite of tools and technology helps you achieve high levels of specificity on projects.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Site capture methods and their different capabilities, from 3D laser scanning to 360° photo capture, mobile site capture, and more
  • Selecting the right tools for different on-site scenarios and needs
  • How FARO Sphere Viewer will help you process, share, and streamline the visualization of your data after the capture process

Learn how innovations like 360° reality capture and remote site visualization drive accuracy, speed, and efficiency to place you ahead of the competition.

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