Unlock the full potential of FARO Sphere XG with our easy-to-follow walkthrough videos

Our expert-led guides take you step-by-step on how to navigate through the features and functions of this intuitive cloud-based digital reality platform. Perfect for managing AECO projects, Sphere XG allows you to unify various formats of reality capture data: point clouds from your scans, 3D models, and 360° photos— ensuring seamless collaboration across onsite and offsite teams. Start mastering Sphere XG today and elevate your project management capabilities.

Sphere XG Workspace Dashboard

Get started with the Sphere XG workspace dashboard as we guide you through its essential functions and features. Learn how to manage projects, users, and groups, align point clouds, and explore analytics with ease.

Sphere XG Project Dashboard

Learn the ins and outs of navigating specific projects via the Sphere XG project dashboard. Watch these walkthrough videos and explore your project dashboard with confidence as you master the steps to manage project names, groups, client information, and access levels. You can also add descriptions, upload project images, and archive or share projects. Get familiar with these functionalities to efficiently stay on top of your projects and make informed decisions.

Sphere XG Project Interface

Discover how to effectively navigate the Sphere XG project interface and leverage its diverse functions, viewing modes and features to attain the optimal collaborative workflow. Get acquainted with the floor plan, walk and 3D mode to navigate your project data. Learn about waypoints, project sharing, and the cloud activity panel, and use them for your project needs.

Create a New Sphere XG Project

Creating a new Sphere XG project is simple and efficient. Explore how you can start a new project from the workspace dashboard, set project details, assign permissions, and upload necessary files. Enjoy seamless integration with point cloud import and alignment tools.

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