A construction professional using HoloBuilder and a 360° camera and woman presenting 360° photos during a meeting

The Definitive Guide to Construction Progress Management

May 16, 2023 | Construction, eBooks, HoloBuilder, Progress Tracking

Find out essential steps and tools you can use to leverage the power of 360° data to efficiently track construction progress, delivering work on time and on budget.

As more digital Construction Progress Management (CPM) platforms hit the market, it can become challenging to identify the best option to manage your project’s data. In your pursuit of the best, it’s good to note how leading-edge technology like 360° photo capture is helping transform global construction projects’ efficiency and accuracy.

Effective CPM through such advancements is key to delivering projects efficiently, on time, and on budget in today’s competitive market. These tools and platforms offer detailed 360° site documentation, real-time information-sharing, and communications by capturing and housing reality capture site data within a cloud-based single source of truth platform.

Managing 360° data effectively will allow you to produce the intended ROIs for your organization through streamlined construction workflows. Learn these and more expert tips on effective CPM in our definitive guide, including

  • The types of data that exist in the construction industry and how can you take advantage of them
  • How to make the best use of your 360° photo documentation to manage construction progress effectively
  • Steps you can take to reap the most benefit from your data throughout the project lifecycle

Download the eBook and leverage expert tips on implementing an efficient and effective CPM method for your next construction project.

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