A montage of construction professionals obtaining site captures with a 360° camera and FARO 3D scanners

The Synergy Between 360° Photo Capture & 3D Laser Scanning

Apr 12, 2023 | Construction, Document Existing Conditions, eBooks, HoloBuilder

Construction projects are becoming more complex, making construction management exceptionally challenging. Hence, effective site and project management are critical to ensure everything runs smoothly at every project stage.

Reality capture technologies provide quick site documentation and data collection, allowing for virtual collaboration and assessment of current circumstances and tracking progress and planning of operational modifications.

360° photo capture and 3D laser scanning are the two leading technologies that have emerged as the most effective and precise for reality capture. These two solutions share strengths that are incredibly complementary to one another and provide tremendous value throughout the whole project.

Download this guide to find out how FARO’s 360° photo capture and 3D laser scanning technologies:

  • Facilitate large-scale construction project collaboration quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce rework and material waste on-site
  • Ensure accurate as-built data for construction and facility management
  • Plan your upcoming projects virtually and without interfering in the facility’s day-to-day operations.
  • Simplify accurate site documentation, helping your team make better decisions faster

Download this guide to find out how FARO's 360° photo capture and 3D laser scanning technologies can benefit your projects.