Split montage of two female professionals capturing site photos with a 360° camera and viewing HoloBuilder on a screen

A Best Practices Guide to Construction Progress Management

May 24, 2023 | Construction, eBooks, HoloBuilder, Progress Tracking

A core importance of a successful project is efficient site documentation. Without the proper tools and processes, your team could waste valuable time, risking delays and reworks. To fully leverage the potential of your site documentation, a Construction Progress Management tool is needed to foster seamless photo management and remote accessibility to your captures.

Using a 360° cloud-based reality capture solution such as HoloBuilder enables your team to manage your site photos by location and time, creating a well-structured digital progress record of site activities.

Your project can gain tremendous benefits from a Construction Progress Mangement tool. In this guide, learn how HoloBuilder can:

  • Promote efficient team meetings by walking through the site remotely via screen sharing as if you were there together
  • Export floor plans as PDFs, making it easy for you to share your 360° documentation and include non-tech-savvy colleagues who prefer PDF format
  • Create a remote safe training environment with a 360° digital progress record that supports visual learning, which might be more appealing than text-based instructions

Download the guide to learn how to connect your remote teams with the jobsite and manage progress remotely with ease.

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