ebook cover How Digital Jobsites Enhance Team Collaboration

Build Better: How Digital Jobsites Enhance Team Collaboration

May 15, 2024 | Architecture, Construction, eBooks, Engineering, Project Stakeholder Collaboration, Sphere XG

Learn the importance of leveraging the proper digital jobsite toolkits that improve communication and collaboration while driving profitability and reputational gains for your firm.

The rapid rise of technology has led many construction firms to leverage the promised benefits of digitized project management and documentation tools. However, some firms are still struggling to use these toolkits as they were intended to function—through data unification and democratization. These firms often revert to conventional ways because that’s how they “used to get things done.”

In this eBook with insights from FAROs’ Product Manager, Kyle Tarr, learn how you can nail down the use of these digital toolkits for sustained improvements. Find out how unifying data with tools like FARO Sphere® XG helps create a complete digital jobsite ecosystem for your firm and deep dive into:

A digital mockup of the Build Better with digital jobsites eBook with Kyle Tarr on the cover

  • The importance of good communication, coordination, and collaboration on AECO projects
  • How digital jobsites help improve stakeholder engagement
  • How to overcome communication gaps for separated teams
  • The long-term benefits of efficient communication and collaboration


And much more!

Download the eBook and fast-track your journey toward efficient project management and top-notch delivery standards through digital jobsites.