Unlock practical and actionable insights on adopting a digital jobsite to leverage benefits in productivity and cost-savings.

For many construction companies, making the shift from analog to digital jobsite workflows seems like an expensive, time-consuming challenge to undergo. However, the truth paints a very different picture. A recent Autodesk/FMI study reports that the industry’s reluctance to adopt technology is costing $89 billion in avoidable rework.

In fact, even for a firm as large and established as AECOM, innovating and leveraging benefits of a digital jobsite has been the key to staying competitive in this evolving industry.

The front page of “The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Building a Digital Jobsite” ebook

In this eBook with insights from AECOM’s associate vice president and BIM director Michael Warren and FARO’s senior business development manager Kipp Ivey, you will learn how to:

  • Identify specific needs: From small office buildings to large-scale infrastructures like bridges and hospitals, not every project needs the same level of digitization as others.
  • Streamline project planning: Cloud-based tools enhance accessibility and collaboration, leading to greater efficiency and higher margins.
  • Integrate reality capture: Use reality capture devices to gather jobsite data and create a single source of truth, enabling faster and better decision-making.
  • Adopt best practices for training: Ensure your team is fully onboarded and trained to maximize the benefits of these digital transformations.
  • Monitor and optimize your digital jobsite: Mitigate change orders, ensure code compliance, and streamline billing and payments for cost savings and efficiency.

And much more!

Download this eBook and discover how adopting a digital jobsite can show significant improvements in your firm’s productivity, streamline operations, and bottom-line savings.