A construction professional holds a 360° camera to capture site photos with HoloBuilder on an active jobsite with machinery

7 Reasons Reality Capture Benefits Contractors

Mar 21, 2023 | Construction, Document Existing Conditions, eBooks, HoloBuilder

In recent years, contractors have been making a progressive switch to 360° reality capture technology after facing issues that cause inconvenience and delays to their jobsite. These challenges include disparate documents among disorganized folders and miscommunication caused by relying on word of mouth to relay information to off-site team members.

With these challenges that contractors face on the jobsite, adopting a 360° photo documentation tool is vital to ensuring a more effective way to document and manage construction progress. Having a 360° progress management tool like HoloBuilder enables the automatic linking of locations to floor plans, giving contractors full coverage and a better understanding of their jobsites.

Contractors can have it all with a 360° photo documentation solution. They now have a powerful way to improve communication, lower risk, and stay ahead of the curve by combining simple, low-cost technology such as a 360° camera, a mobile app, and a collaborative web platform

In this eBook, learn how 360° photo documentation can:

  • Improve communication within your team
  • Eliminate time-consuming photo management with a single source of truth platform
  • Reduce safety risk for contractors on-site
  • Lessen rework by detecting errors early
  • Widen an internal knowledge pool among team members

Download the eBook to learn how forward-thinking contractors utilize 360° photo documentation to improve efficiency and increase profits.