woman gestures toward two screens in a meeting room as she presents site photos on HoloBuilder to colleagues

5 Ways to Streamline Construction Processes with HoloBuilder

May 16, 2023 | Construction, eBooks, HoloBuilder, Progress Tracking

Discover how incorporating 360° photo documentation as a pillar of your construction progress management can help save time and costs without compromising safety.

Technological advancements, especially those for the construction industry, have come a long way in helping project stakeholders execute successful and accurate builds. When captured accurately, tools like 360° photo documentation offer immense value to stakeholders, from general contractors, inspectors, architects, investors, insurers, and owners.

This playbook examines the transformation of photo documentation from a clumsy, manual process to an automated, highly flexible, and fast-rising Construction Progress Management tool for the construction industry.

You’ll learn how the anywhere, anytime, any device capability of this tool can provide the 360° visual insights you need to complement your 3D models perfectly. Included in this eBook are five ways a Construction Progess Management platform can enhance and streamline your construction processes, including

  • Minimizing project costs by reducing costly rework
  • Reducing project site risk through remote site access
  • Helping you win more work by gaining the client’s trust

Get the eBook and learn how to offer immediate value for your projects and all stakeholders through a 360° Construction Progress Management platform like HoloBuilder.

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