A well lit industrial manufacturing space with orange and white beams with HoloBuilder and TotalView logos on the bottom

TotalView uses HoloBuilder to Capture Site Safety Priorities

May 3, 2023 | Case Studies, Facility Management, HoloBuilder, Manufacturing

According to the National Safety Council, in 2021, over 4,400 preventable injury-related deaths and 4.26 million medically consulted injuries were reported due to workplace incidents in the United States.

Using 360° reality capture technology can be vital to improve businesses’ approach to their safety training, planning, and information sharing. A construction management tool such as HoloBuilder captures 360° photos to map client facilities and jobsites and create a virtual walkthrough of the space. Instead of constantly needing to be on-site, contractors can take a virtual walk through the spaces they will be entering and access safety information about the area beforehand.

Your project can gain plenty of benefits from utilizing 360° photo capture technology. In this case study, learn how 360° photo documentation helped TotalView:

  • Save contractors 120,000 hours per year in reduced errors and travel
  • Reduce on-site risks for locations through remote access
  • Capture and upload photos 20 to 30 times faster

Download this case study to learn how TotalView, a technology and communication consulting firm, is leveraging the 360° reality capture tool to create safer work environments.

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