An active construction site with support beams being installed with the HoloBuilder and Skanska logos on the bottom left

SKANSKA Cuts Documentation Time by 50% using HoloBuilder

Apr 12, 2023 | Case Studies, Construction, Document Existing Conditions, HoloBuilder

With hundreds and thousands of photos taken in a project for documentation purposes, these images are often lost as team members leave the project or become disorganized in a general photo folder. This causes a lot of uncertainty as there is no proper way of tracking progress throughout a project.

This is where a 360° photo documentation tool comes in – ensuring that all photos are linked to the proper location on the floor plans and are then organized in a single source of truth platform. A 360° photo technology like HoloBuilder also provides vital information about the contents and layout of materials, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing, as well as the sizing, spacing and number. The images also contain additional context related to site conditions, weather, and location where the 360° photos were captured.

Download the case study to learn how SKANSKA, a leading construction company, uses 360° images to reduce photo documentation time by 50% while also gaining valuable deliverables.

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