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Save Time and Costs with Remote Site Access via 360° Photos

Mar 22, 2023 | Case Studies, Construction, Document Existing Conditions, HoloBuilder

Travel expenses to and from a jobsite and constant rework due to errors for renovation, maintenance, or new builds can significantly impact your project and prevent your team from staying on budget. Conventional methods of documenting job sites, like 2D photos, are ineffective in covering all angles for full context of the site.

This is where 360° photo capture technology comes into play. By providing a visual reference throughout the remodelling process, on-site and off-site teams can communicate remotely, promoting seamless workflows. Travel to job sites can also be significantly reduced by using a construction progress management system like HoloBuilder, combating growing overhead costs and strengthening your bottom line.

Adopting HoloBuilder’s 360° photo documentation technology can provide numerous benefits to your project team. Download this case study to learn how Basic Basement Co., a leading basement remodelling company, has used 360° photo data to save time and costs on their projects.

Learn how Basic Basement Co. used 360° photo data to save time and costs on their projects.