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Delivering Immersive Client Experience with 360° Photos

Apr 3, 2023 | Architecture, Case Studies, HoloBuilder, Project Stakeholder Collaboration

Traditional methods of site monitoring can be highly time consuming, especially when ongoing changes require close monitoring at every stage of a construction project. Also, when site captures are being stored in different platforms to be shared with teams and clients, it poses a risk of miscommunication.

For effective construction progress management, all team members and clients need to be kept on the same page and given the same thorough understanding of the site through 360° visualization. Every change made on-site throughout the project can be documented and shared transparently in a single source of truth platform where documents are accessible.

With a 360° reality capture tool such as HoloBuilder, clients are provided with 360° virtual walk-throughs of the site, giving them a more intuitive visual experience than traditional reports or photos.

Download this case study to discover how HoloBuilder helped M+H Architects, a St. Louis-based architecture firm, give their clients an immersive understanding at every project stage, minimizing the need for site visits and improving communication.

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