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Mace Group Ltd Saves Cost, Cuts Time by 50% with HoloBuilder

Jan 11, 2023 | Case Studies, Construction, Document Existing Conditions, HoloBuilder

Learn how Mace realized a direct benefit of £10,375 plus additional quality, legal, and health & safety benefits with HoloBuilder.


Mace Group Ltd is a global consultancy and construction firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with offices located across five continents.


When Mace was in the midst of the John Lewis project – a department store based in Cheltenham, UK – photo documentation and management was a major challenge. The project involved many site photos for several different purposes, including documenting site conditions, communicating progress and identifying issues on-site.

With traditional photo documentation, it was easy for images to be lost or forgotten, especially over the course of a long project. Photos were also organized without any connection to the on-site location where they were taken.

The team needed a method that would allow them to capture site conditions efficiently and easily manage and locate the images.

“With the new documentation method of using HoloBuilder, it took our team in the field 5 hours to capture and 0 hours to manage the data per week. Using straightforward math, the project team was able to prove an ROI of more than six times the software cost.”

— The John Lewis Project Team


When the Mace project team implemented HoloBuilder’s construction progress management platform, they were able to cut photo documentation time by 50%. Simplifying photo management within a central, cloud-based platform for all project photos captured on-site, organized by location and time, ensured site documentation was easily accessed and shared with stakeholders. By minimizing the time needed to travel to the site, locate images, and agree on valuations, the team saved 5 hours per week (165 hours total) and £10,375 on the project.

In addition to reducing documentation time and expenses, HoloBuilder allowed the Mace project team to:

  • Improve supply chain input into constructed works, leading to better quality.
  • Minimize site visits, and by extension, the chance of work-place injuries.
  • View project progress remotely, giving the project, design and client teams the ability to value installations.
  • Set up easily accessible, gapless documentation for later projects or in case of future legal disputes.

Mace saved 5 hours per week and £10,375 in costs with HoloBuilder technology.

With 360° photo capture, stakeholders were able to view site progress remotely and documentation time was reduced by 50%.

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