A construction professional uses a 360° camera on a jobsite with excavators with HoloBuilder and Kajima's logos

Kajima Enhances Documentation and Processes with 360° Photos

May 3, 2023 | Case Studies, Construction, Document Existing Conditions, HoloBuilder

During a construction project, proper documentation is crucial to meticulously track the progress of projects. However, traditional forms of documentation such as manually saving site captures in shared folders through USB flash drives, disorganization compounds within the team. This then leads to difficulty in keeping track, and retrieving files and information needed for the project, posing a risk of fragmented workflows within the team.

By using a construction management platform like HoloBuilder to organize captured 360° photos of construction sites, teams can now browse the site captures remotely, by location and time, with full context of the site.

Historical progress documented at every stage of the project allows anyone from the team to virtually visit construction sites and keep track of the project, saving costs and time. The benefits of adopting 360° photo technology are significant.

Download the case study to learn how Kajima, one of Japan’s largest general contractors, used HoloBuilder to improve productivity and make construction projects more seamless.

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