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Hensel Phelps Saved 4,680 Hours Annually with HoloBuilder

Jan 11, 2023 | Case Studies, Construction, HoloBuilder, Project Stakeholder Collaboration

Learn how Hensel Phelps saved a total of 4,680 hours annually with HoloBuilder.


Hensel Phelps is a top 20 ENR General Contractor headquartered in Greeley, CO, with a portfolio of major projects across the country.

One of their latest projects is a $1.2B design-build of Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at the San Francisco International Airport (SFIA Terminal 1), with a target completion date of March 2023.

The extensive project requires improved spaces for:

  • Passenger check-in
  • A consolidated security checkpoint
  • A re-compose area
  • A new Individual Carrier System (ICS) Baggage Handling System
  • A new mezzanine with connections to the AirTrain and the Central Parking Garage
  • A secure connector to Terminal A


Hensel Phelps previously relied on manual methods for photo capture. They typically created a site plan with standard images or 360° photos that required manual hyperlinking stored locally on a computer (or an FTP site).

The process was time-consuming and required one person to be solely dedicated to documentation for the entirety of the project. They needed a product that could give them a more collaborative photo capture process and more efficient data categorization.

Hensel Phelps case study

“The Project team is using HoloBuilder to organize and better present our progress pictures. The ability to locate the picture on a plan view document and sort the pictures through time makes for a much more intuitive process, allowing this platform to become the single source of truth for team members to collaborate in.”

— Andrew Cameron, DBIA, Project Manager at Hensel Phelps


With HoloBuilder reality capture technology, each of their 15 field engineers can now document their own site area. That data can automatically sync to the HoloBuilder cloud and run on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Instead of relying on one team member to complete and organize site-wide documentation, they can implement a collaborative approach that covers more ground — efficiently documenting up to one–million –square feet per week.

Hensel Phelps saved 4,680 hours annually (6 hours a week) on the photo capture process using HoloBuilder.*


HoloBuilder has helped Hensel Phelps make more informed decisions, improving productivity across the board by:

  • Allowing all visual information to be automatically organized by location and time throughout all construction phases.
  • Automatically sorting 360° photos by activity (site walk, QA/QC, etc.), making it easy to find and reference them.
  • Providing a digital record of all construction activities and progress that can be shared with stakeholders.

*This calculation compares the previous process of manually uploading traditional photos to folders and creating hyperlinks on an FTP site versus HoloBuilder’s JobWalk App for capture and upload. It assumes that if 15 field engineers carry out the task weekly, HoloBuilder would provide an annual savings of 4,680 hours.

Hensel Phelps covered 1 million square feet while saving 4,680 hours annually by storing 360° photos in the secure HoloBuilder cloud.

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