A yellow and white off-shore oil rig pictured during calm waters and blue skies, with the HoloBuilder logo bottom left

360° Photos: Part of IT’s Evolving Role in Oil & Gas

Mar 7, 2023 | Case Studies, HoloBuilder, Oil & Gas, Progress Tracking, White Paper

360° reality capture technology is increasingly being leveraged in large capital projects in the oil and gas industry.

360° photo documentation is no longer seen as a tool purely for assessing the readiness of as-builts but is being actively involved in engineering and construction processes.

The increased use of 360° construction progress management tools like HoloBuilder in the oil and gas industry has brought about more opportunities, such as improving productivity returns, by replacing site visits with access to 360° reality capture data – ultimately reducing hours in the field and travel costs. Using a 360° photo documentation tool also allows the storage of site documentation captured within a central location, keeping all documents organized and easy to access.

There is a wide range of benefits that the oil and gas industry can gain from the adoption of the 360° photo technology. In this white paper, discover how 360° photo documentation can:

  • Improve progress management, remote quality, and safety inspections within organizations
  • Increase ROI with efficient productivity while staying on a budget
  • Present stakeholders with up-to-date reliable 360° visualization for faster decisions and minimized risk

Download the white paper with insights from industry expert Jeff Ackerman to learn about 360° photo documentation and how it can positively impact the oil and gas industry.